Kitchen FAQ

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1. Important Information about Kitchen Tapware

• Taps/Mixers may come out of the sink (one tap hole for a mixer or three tap hole for conventional sink set) or they may sit behind or beside the bowl. This is called ‘hob-mounted' and you may need to have a larger spout (hob spout) to cater for the extra distance from the spout to the centre of the bowl. Wall mounted taps sets are also available (again with the longer spout to accommodate).

• Modern taps are available with the traditional washers or they may have ceramic discs. Ceramic discs make the taps much easier to operate, perfect for anyone with even slight hand movement impairment. They also have a longer life and are guaranteed not to leak for a longer period. All better quality mixers come with ceramic discs. Price will generally dictate the quality hence longevity of the ceramic disc.

• Water pressure is another consideration. In some instances, local authorities will make it a requirement that pressure limiting valves be fitted to reduce the risk of damage to the taps and causing a water leak. Isolating cocks may also be necessary. Your plumber or local water authority would be able to provide you with the precise requirements for your area.

• Anti-scalding devices are also being introduced to stop the risk of scalding and burning from hot water, especially to children and the elderly. Tempering valves are available which mix cold water with the hot before it comes out of the hot water tap. These can be set at a particular temperature to ensure that only warm, not hot water, comes out of the hot water tap. Ask our sales staff for more details.

2. Important Information about Sinks

• Kitchen sinks have evolved over the last few years just as the bathroom vanity has. ‘Commercial', under counter and trough styles have become popular however the standard 1000mm to 1200mm sink with 1 ½ or 1 ¾ bowls is at this stage still the most widely used. Apart from needing to fit the available space, other things to consider when choosing your sink include; Which side do you require the drainer? What is going beneath (ie dishwasher)? Will you require specific accessories ie colander, drainers etc to fit into the bowl?

• The majority of sinks are now designed to accommodate single hole mixers. If you'd prefer a forward bowl sink set (standard taps and spout) contact your nearest Eagles Plumbing showroom.

3. Important Information about Appliances

Ovens : Kitchens are now the focus area in many homes, and as a result, the design of appliances has become as important as their functions when selecting. Single ovens can be wall mounted or under bench and for greater cooking capacity you might like to consider a double wall oven or 90cm models. The majority of ovens are electric however there are still some gas models available.

Uprights : Uprights are available in 54cm to 120cm models in electric, gas or dual fuel combinations.

Cooktops :Cooktops are made in a range of sizes, from 60cm to 90cm. Where gas is available (natural or LPG) gas cooktop and electric oven are the preferred combination. In electric models you have a choice of ceran (glass) or solid elements. Ask our salestaff to assist you with the models that will best suit your needs.

Rangehoods : When choosing a rangehood you need to take into consideration the overall design of your kitchen. If you have overhead cupboards you can select from universal, slide-out or extractor fan. As a feature, canopy rangehoods make a statement. Where possible, it is advisable to duct your rangehood.